vendredi 14 mars 2014


Takin a dip in the moonlight
Kiss your lip on a sunrise
Gotta move on the moon
Away real soon
If you wanted to get through the white line
Breakin a hip on a horseride
Takin a hit on the inside
Wanted to run into
The same old you
With a body and a mind to make it right
You got your shit altogether
You wanna hit more than ever
With no one to come over
You got your shit altogether
You hurt yourself more than ever
Bein at the Holiday inn
So much alive to be wastin
Gotta band on the run
Were havin fun
So your better hope that well be stayin
God only knows well be payin
Kickin the bells on his day in
Gotta stock by the door
Of things so pure
Get a hint of how well be prayin
Takin on your time to get in deep
I wanna get into your mind and go to sleep
I wanna know, wanna go just anywhere
I want make it to your side but don't be scared
Now I take a leap
Of faith in the street
I wait in the heat
Today, I retreat
Away from all the pills that caused me pain
I'm never gonna thrill again to the whole game
Am I a human being
Or am i just a machine
Should they now take me out to maintenance
Because I ain't clean
I gotta whole lotta oil spillin'
Youll need to go for drillin'
Hows that adrenalin level
Oh wait I think im feelin
Just fine, although i try
I cant find a reason not to get high
Last couple of months i thought i might just die
But you should always win a fight i just didnt get why
You dont know what I mean
Cause i fucked up again while being on the scene
You dont know what I've seen
Cover up for mistakes of being green
You divine
Let me have a sip of your wine
If you left me I'd kill myself
If you tried to leave me I'd kill you too
If you wanted to die
Well it's all very fine
But im sayin goodbye
Now I'm saving your time
Cause you beling to me
You're queen of my life
If you wanna come by
Dont you just even try
Take your shit and go die
Take my shit and go die
You're kidding bitch?
Cause you 're mine
Yeah you're mine
And I try to explain how the fuck I remain
So out of luck and insane
Cut the shit cause you're mine
Yes you're mine
And I'd like to complain
Of my fears and my pain
Cause now youre fuckin my brain
You're not the one to choose
Well i promise girl that i wont use
I got my life to lose
Gonna make you an offer you can't refuse
Take your time to understand
For you to recognize that I'm your man
I know i never really came to make ammends
But i aint buyin all the shit that well stay friends
Ah now im paralyzed
Cause I walked for miles
And you fuckin exorcized
Me out of your life
You pulled out your knife
From my heart tonight
And turned off the light
You don't know what I've seen

source : Alexandre Vadel